Registration opens for Motorized Avalanche Rescue classes on Dec 2nd

New class for 2020: Motorized Avalanche Rescue. Free to the public, funded by the Sierra Avalanche Center. This 1.5 day class provides avalanche rescue practice for motorized users. Learning will occur through a mix of classroom and field practice, with an emphasis on field practice. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that only graduates of a Level 1 register for this class (the Level 1 can be motorized or non-motorized). This class follows the guidelines for Avalanche Rescue as established by the American Avalanche Association, and is a requirement to take the Level 2 class.

Registration opens at 8am on Dec 2nd. Classes are the evening of January 10th, with field sessions on either January 11th or January 12th, depending on which class you register for. Have your liability release and participant info documents completed and ready to upload, as spaces are limited. 

For more information and to register, scroll to the bottom of this page:

For non-motorized users, please look here for classes:

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