Motorized Avalanche Rescue: January 5th at Tahoe Meadows (AKA Mt Rose Meadows)

These classes are free to the public, funded directly by the Sierra Avalanche Center. Please consider making a donation to SAC!!! 

Rescue classes provide avalanche rescue practice for motorized users, and can be taken every few seasons to refresh. If you've taken an Avalanche Rescue class recently, please allow some time after registration opens before you attempt to register for another class. Because avalanche avoidance skills should be prioritized over avalanche rescue skills, it is strongly recommended - but not required - that only graduates of a Level 1 register for this class (the Level 1 can be motorized or non-motorized). If riding ability prevents participation in a Level 1, the Rescue class may be a good starting point until riding ability improves. For details on Rescue classes, please download the syllabus and read it completely. Participants must:

  • Have the ability to ride off-trail in variable conditions. Riding ability is less important on Rescue classes than on Level 1 and Level 2 classes, but participants still need to be able to ride off-trail in variable conditions.
  • Bring a functioning beacon, shovel, and probe. Beacons should be modern three-antennae, shovels should be made specifically for avalanche rescue, and probes should be 270cm or longer. Avalanche gear must be worn/carried on self, and not in tunnel bag. An extra shovel in tunnel bag is recommended.
  • Wear a DOT or similarly approved helmet and weather-appropriate gear.
  • Ride a reliable, well maintained snowmobile/snowbike, capable of off-trail travel. Machines must be registered with visible registration markings. Spare belts and repair kits are strongly recommended. Poorly maintained machines and/or machines not intended for off-trail travel may jeopardize the experience of others.
  • Read the required materials and apply the Daily Flow and Alerts stickers to machines for easy reference while riding.
  • Bring a radio capable of operating on FRS/GMRS frequencies. A simple speaker/mic is preferable to voice activated systems.

This class will be entirely in the field, from 9am-5pm. 


This class opens for registration on 11/27 at 8am, so prior to that you can complete your participant agreement and participant information documents, but you won't be able to upload them or register until 11/27. Once registration opens, you'll see a registration form below (ignore the "Register" tab at the top of this page, and any message you see if you click on it). Don't forget to hit the "SAVE REGISTRATION" button at the bottom of the page!!! If there's no registration form below, either registration hasn't opened yet, or the class is already full (they fill very quickly). Some people may start the registration process, but get a "Sorry, registrations are no longer available" message. This means that the class filled during the time you took to register. As the class dates approach, there is often some turnover, so check back here for openings - indicated by a registration form below this message. This is the second of four Rescue classes being offered this winter.

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Event Date: 
Friday, January 5, 2024