The Darkest White - Eric Blehm in conversation with Jim Zellers

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Join Wildbound Live and Word After Word Books as we welcome bestselling author Eric Blehm to discuss his latest book The Darkest White. Eric will guide us through the remarkable legacy of Craig Kelly, his profound influence on the world of snowboarding, and the events that led to his death in the 2003 Durrand Glacier Avalanche - a devastating tragedy that claimed the lives of seven people.

In conversation with Eric will be none other than pioneering snowboarder and living legend Jim Zellers. Together, they'll delve into the heart of The Darkest White, sharing firsthand perspectives and personal reflections on Craig Kelly's unparalleled journey.

This evening is a chance to be part of the dialogue between two icons of mountain adventure. It promises to be an evening of inspiration, enlightenment, and remembrance as we honor the mountains around us and those we have lost. 

A portion of the proceeds of this event will benefit the Sierra Avalanche Center.