Travis Feist
Professional Observer

Travis grew up skiing in the Adirondacks, and moved to Colorado after high school to explore bigger mountains. He experienced his first Tahoe snowstorm while on a cross country motorcycle trip, and decided to stick around. Travis has been working in the snow ever since; as a guide, pro patroller, and now splitting his time as an Observer for SAC, the Training Coordinator for AIARE, and guiding and teaching in South America in the “off” season. Skiing and motorsports have remained common threads for Travis, both in work and play.

David Reichel
Professional Observer

As soon as possible after college, David moved to the mountains. He took his first avalanche course that winter in the Rockies, and he’s been exploring snow covered peaks ever since. Back home in the Sierra he has taught about a bazillion AIARE courses and splitboarded all over Tahoe. David also guides and instructs avalanche courses in the Cascades and South America. In 2014, he founded the California Avalanche Workshop.