Silver Peak

Location Name: 
N. Ridge of Silver Peak
Cabin Creek, Deep Creek, or Pole Creek Area
Date and time of observation: 
Fri, 02/02/2018 - 12:15
Location Map: 
United States
39° 13' 27.1488" N, 120° 14' 48.012" W

Red Flags: 
Rapid warming

Observation made by: Educator at Tahoe Mountain School
Snowpit Observations
More detailed information about the snowpack: 

Limited snow coverage on all aspects below 7000' in Pole Creek.

At 1400, a supportable melt freeze crust existed on shaded E aspects around 8000'. In the most shaded north aspects above 7500' some cold unconsolidated snow still exits.

Snowpit at ~8000' NNW aspect, showed a remaining layer of faceted snow grains below a crust about 80 cm down that indicated some reactivity in stability tests.  

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Weather Observations
Blowing Snow: 
Cloud Cover: 
25% of the sky covered by clouds
Air temperature: 
Above Freezing
Wind Speed: 
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Accumulation rate: 
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