Observations from Rubicon Peak and Peak 9,269'.

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Rubicon Peak and Peak 9,269'
West Shore Area
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Tue, 02/06/2018 - 11:35
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United States
38° 58' 59.1528" N, 120° 7' 40.0728" W

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Snowpit Observations
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Solar aspects in this area are undergoing daily melt-freeze cycles. E aspects remain transitional with surface melt-freeze crust on top of recent storm snow yet to undergo melt. SE aspects have made the full transition to a spring snowpack regime. HS at 8,500' on SE aspects is just 2 feet or less in this area. Below 8,200' there is an abrupt transition to insufficient snow cover for skiing on solar aspects.

N-NE aspects have a thin surface melt freeze crust up to around 8,000'. Large areas of recent storm snow that has yet to undergo melt exist on N-NE aspects above about 8,000'.

A test pit was dug at 8668' on the North side of Rubicon Peak.  Near surface facets existed on the snow surface with well bonded recent storm snow below that.  Below our last storm snow ( about 1' deep) is a prominent crust.  Less dense and in some cases faceted snow continues to exist above and below this crust.  CT's showed sudden collapse results on a layer of weaker snow below the main crust.  ECTX was recorded and showed no signs of failure or propagation with these layers.  

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Winds limited to ridgetops.