Crack from snow creep on Echo Peak

Location Name: 
Echo Peak
Echo Summit Area
Date and time of observation: 
Sat, 01/28/2017 - 12:00
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United States
38° 51' 23.3784" N, 120° 4' 25.0896" W

Red Flags: 
Obvious avalanche path

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I am an avid backcountry split boarder. I had a strange occurrence happen last Saturday, the 28th. My friends and I toured from Hwy 50 up and over to Talking Mountain. Down to upper Echo Lake. And finally up towards Echo Peak/Angora. We had a car parked down at Upper Truckee. The forecast that day was low as you know for all aspect/elevations. Everything was fine for the first portion down Talking. Variable snow, wind buffed to powder in the lower elevations. When we reached Echo Peak we could see that up high was firm. Two members of my group dropped the skiers left side down a chute. Myself and my friend did not like the look of the snow. So we opted to traverse over to the right and down a small bowl where there were some trees. The thought being that would be where some good snow was at. I watched my friend ride over and down. His run looked good and the snow looked fine as well. So I decided to traverse higher than he did. I made it over fine and was slowly making my way down to a slight roll over to scope where I wanted to go. On the way I noticed a long hump in the snow. I did not make much of it because it appeared to be just another feature from the wind. What I did not know is that just underneath the snow was a crevasse. As I came to a stop , the snow gave way. It happened very fast and scared me. Luckily I fell forward and the back of my board bridged the gap.I was able to scramble up and over. I have never seen this before, and being that we don’t have glaciers here I did not expect a crevasse. I later learned that this is called snow creep. I am sure I have known of this before from taking an Avy 1 class. However it obvious didn’t occur to me that it could happen. Especially since we have had such poor winters recently, excluding last year. This year has been big and I have for the most part been conservative on where I have gone. This was a huge eye opener to me. And a humbling experience. Being that the forecast was low, I was not complacent, just unaware of this hidden danger. I do have a lot of backcountry experience and a tremendous amount of respect for the mountains. I am for sure going to be more aware of my line choices. Especially looking out for areas where snow creep can occur. Especially this year with the amount of snow we have had. I have attached a video from my go pro. Please feel free to use it. I would like other BC travelers to be aware of these hidden dangers. I was very lucky, as I was the last one down in my group. Please share the knowledge. We all really appreciate what SAC does.

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Snowboarder fall at crevasse from snowpack creep on Echo Peak, CA

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