State of the Snowpack for 1/9/2021 - 1/15/2021

Dates of the Week: 
1/9/2021 to 1/15/2021
  • Generally deeper and stronger snowpack along the mid and northern Sierra Crest and Mt. Rose areas. Dec 11 facet layer dormant in these areas.
  • Shallow and poor snowpack structure in the Carson Pass to Ebbetts Pass areas. Observers are still getting unstable test results on the Dec. 11 facet layer in these areas. 
  • Widespread rain crust up to at least 10000 ft from mist/rain event on Wed and warm weather on Thurs and Fri.
  • Minor brush-by system on 1/9 - 0-2 inches of snow plus strong SW winds.
  • Mild NE wind events on 1/9-1/10 and 1/15
  • Warm mist/rain event on 1/13 followed by very warm weather 1/14 and 1/15.