State of the Snowpack for 1/23/2021 - 1/29/2021

Dates of the Week: 
1/23/2021 to 1/29/2021

Update 2/5/2021:  Widespread avalanche cycle occurred during and immediately after the large storm event on Jan 27-29.  Reports of persistent slab avalanches occurring in many areas of the forecast region along with many wind slab avalanches.  Delayed reports due to limited visibility and continued storm conditions.

  • Rain crusts on all aspects on 1/22. Near crust facets below the rain crust. Dec 11 facets still present in the lower snowpack.
  • Cold light snow buried the crust and surface hoar formed on top of that snow before getting buried in some places by a second wave of cold light snow. 
  • 4-6 ft of storm snow buried those weak layers Tuesday - Saturday. 
  • Light snow (2-5 inches) with shifting winds (SW to NE) on 1/23-1/24
  • Another snow event on Sunday night through Monday night with up to a foot of snow
  • Atmospheric river event Tuesday night through Saturday morning with storm totals of 4 to 6 ft of new snow and SW - S winds.