State of the Snowpack for 2/20/2021 - 2/26/2021

Dates of the Week: 
2/20/2021 to 2/26/2021
  • Firm rain crusts and wind-scoured surface on open exposed slopes up to peak tops along the Sierra Crest, no rain crust in the Mt. Rose area.
  • Melt-freeze conditions on sunny slopes with the southerly aspects holding corn conditions. Other aspects the melt-freeze crust is sometimes firm and sometimes breakable.
  • Some lingering soft snow on the most sheltered N facing slopes with a graupel layer on top of a rain crust buried a few inches below the surface
  • Well-consolidated mid and lower snowpack. 
  • Small storm ended on 2/20 followed by mostly clear weather the rest of the week
  • Prolonged strong to gale force NE wind event for much of the week
  • Above-average temperatures 2/21-2/23 
  • Cooler weather 2/24