State of the Snowpack for 3/20/2021 - 3/26/2021

Dates of the Week: 
3/20/2021 to 3/26/2021
  • Scoured and wind-affected surfaces exist on the N-NE-E aspects and thin melt-freeze crusts on top of recent snow exists on southerly aspects. Hard wind-packed snow exists on upper elevation aspects loaded by the NE winds. 
  • The mid and lower snowpack is well consolidated. 
  • Thin snowpack exists on southerly aspects and below 7000'
  • Small snowstorm with SW winds 3/19-3/20
  • NE wind event on 3/21
  • Light snow with SW winds on 3/22
  • Gale force NE wind event 3/24
  • A mostly dry cold front with SW winds on 3/25
  • Warming with NE winds on 3/26