State of the Snowpack for 1/15/2022 - 1/21/2022

Dates of the Week: 
1/15/2022 to 1/21/2022
  • Near surface facets developing on the snow surface in some areas. 
  • Deep and well consolidated snowpack below the surface.
  • Melt/freeze conditions on southerly aspects. Variable surfaces on other aspects including firm crusts, breakable crusts, wind-hammered areas, and some pockets of unconsolidated snow on crusts. 
  • Warmer than normal temperatures with some cloud cover and variable winds on 1/15-1/17
  • Sunny, warm, and calm 1/18
  • NE winds on 1/19 with clear skies
  • Sunny, warm, and calm 1/20
  • Cold and clear with strong NE winds on 1/21