Week in Review for 2/3/2018 - 2/9/2018

Dates of the Week: 
2/3/2018 to 2/9/2018


Forest View, Rubicon Bay
United States
39° 0' 34.7256" N, 120° 7' 31.242" W
  • Loose Wet - Only minor roller balls, pinwheels, and very small point-releases reported.
  • Shallow snowpack on all but northerly aspects. Melt-freeze conditions on E-SE-S-SW-W aspects where snow cover exists.
  • Well consolidated snowpack on NW-N-NE aspects with soft snow lingering on untracked sheltered N aspects and a mix of wind scoured surfaces and breakable crust son more exposed northerly aspects
  • High pressure all week. Well above normal temperatures early in the week. Slight cooling but still above normal later in the week.